Thursday, August 3, 2017

Closet remodeling - photo dump!

Summer sure is moving quickly. We spent a very busy weekend working on the closet. We tore out lath and plaster. Found unique wood shavings as insulation. Added plumbing. Put up sheetrock. Installed a new bathroom light fan combination. Took measurements for a potential new front entrance way that would add a much needed coat closet and draft free front door. Whew that's a lot to do. I didn't include the three parts runs and much needed pizza break.

My internet access is limited. So I'm going to dump these photos of our makeover with little explanation. Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? The room isn't 100% but close and functional.

Empty without shelves. Can't find a true before we emptied the room.

Before- only removed linoeum

Messy plaster mess

Bathroom shared wall. White box is the mirror cupboard in the bathroom

Discovered that the outside north wall is insulated with wood shavings. Wow!

Packed in tight! Stayed in place after removing the lath

Sub floor and plaster removed

Dirty dusty job, removed rotting floor boards. Installed new thick plywood sub floor

My very handy Father-in-law, saved the weekend with his skills

Plumbing in the crawl space, not fun.

New studs

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Drywall, blue for water protection. Also note the dryer vent hole.

Helping Dad!

We had to install the washer dryer combo before we were done. It barely fit through the doorway after we removed all the trim. If the washer ever dies we'll have to rip out the doorway to make it wider.

Mudding and taping

TaDa! Thus is how the room looks today. Just needs a final coat of paint (it has been primed). Add the trim and put back the door. 

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