Monday, January 23, 2017

Boxes boxes everywhere

We moved the storage unit stuff into the tiny house on Saturday. It went surprisly smoothly. There are boxes stacked everywhere. Below are some pictures of the mess. I purposely took these early this morning. The dark helps lessen the clutter. Plus my fairy lights look neat. Can't wait to get proper hooks to put them neatly around the corner where the ceiling and wall meet.
This is the dinning room. We got the big 50 gal tank up, kitchen table and chest freezer in this room. The tank and freezer are set but the table will probably move around a bit until we figure out the best fit.

From the kitchen doorway to the living room. Lots of stuff. The living room corner you see is R desk/hobby space.

The library corner of the living room. We love to read and re read all of our books. We need another book case as these are double stacked. My little 16 gallon fish tank made the trip and all the fishes are happy.

The other living room corner. The door to the storage room. Eventually this corner will be my desk area. A big monitor and a full keyboard to type on. 

I hope you enjoy following the progress of our move into the small house. Pictures will document the progress little by little as we settle in. Yes we anchored the book cases to the walls. Our littlest V is a climber and we don't want any accidents.

With all the extra help around. I got my first chance to go down into the root cellar crawl space. I admit to being a tish disappointed. They just dug out the crawl space. One corner has bricks and wood shelves. An old table and the water heater lives down there. I put a few Christmas ornaments boxes down there. I'll be reading up on root cellar things and get back to everyone.

Friday, January 20, 2017


Everyone is still recovering from the crud we all caught. I've been letting A use my phone to watch kids videos during nap time while I cleaned or cooked. Suddenly I realise it has been a week living here. Lots has been happening.

Right hand burner covered in baking soda. My scorched pot. Thankfully nothing was ruined.

 Fire! Yes we had a stove fire. The stove was gross drip pans needed replacing but with everyone sick I hadn't gotten to replacing them. Made lunch and they would smoke. Didn't think much of it, I cook everything from scratch sometimes things get on the burner. Well I walked out to check on baby V, while A walked into look out the back door. He came running "mom there is fire!" Yep there were flames licking the top of my covered pot. I quickly grabbed the baking soda and dumped a bunch on the fire. Baking soda quickly smothered the fire. I always keep some near the stove. What really got me was none of the smoke alarms went off! We knew we had them but hadn't checked them. Sure enough none worked, one didn't have batteries and both were very expired.
 Needless to say, Go check your smoke detectors. We went and bought new ones for the whole house. Great part is the new ones have a hush butter for when I'm roasting veggies and the hot oven triggered the alarm. No more pulled off the wall or worse removed battery.
 We'll be in the process of finding a new stove as soon as possible. I hate this stove. I've cleaned it to an inch of its life and threatening spoon waving.  Hopefully we (stove and I) are on the same page and no more fires. Tryed on Thursday but my favorite salvage resale store run by habitat for humanity didn't have any eletric coil stoves. No glass top for me with all the canning I love to do. A gas stove will be in the future when we completely redo the kitchen. Zx

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Update full of pictures

Full of pictures. We are in the house. Kids and I moved in two days ago. And promptly everyone got sick, the furnace was glitchy and needed repairs. And we don't have any furniture just our beds. It has been exciting to say the least. Thankfully the furnace only needed a basic maintenance.

On to the pictures: our floors are done, frosty windows and living small.
The living room is beautiful. Pine wood is the verdict. We didn't even stain it.

This is the dinning room floor. It is in very rough shape. We sanded and polyurethaned the boards. If we ever sell the house this floor will need to be re done. For us it is functioning and we are greatful for it.

My view out the kitchen window this morning. The full moon is peeking out between the tree. 
I'm learning to accept that I can make different choices about the items I bought and loved in the past. Downsize challenge. I can let go of things. It is hard. But I can do it. Photo credit: Facebook positively page, see photo.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Snow lots of snow. Staying here at my in-laws in middle of Minnesota. We have gotten 9 inches and still coming down. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Hardwood floors!

Edit: I am blogging on my android phone. Formatting is very hard. I apologise for the weird picture captions.

R tore out the living and dining room carpet finding lenoium, below that was black roofing tar paper. Finally he found hardwood. We are guessing it is pine or maybe maple. Not that we care what exactly it is. It was in decent shape, needing sanding and a few coats of polyurethane. We decided to only do the living room and dining room floors. Leaving the two bedrooms for a summer project. Our plan is to use the 2nd bedroom as storage this winter. Eventually it will be a guest room with some storage. Our actual bedroom is just that a room full of beds. A queen for R and I and a short Ikea bunk bed for the kids. The root celler door is still accessible, and some room near the window for a small dresser or something. More on the bedroom later in another post.
Now on to the pictures.
Living room with the lenoium

Dinning room floor with the lenoium

Living room floor, no more carpet, lenoium or tar paper. R said it was very tacky finish and needed lots of sanding.

Dinning room floor. Pre sanding.

Sanding the edges using a belt sander. The guys didn't take a picture of the big whole floor sander because I forgot to ask them.
Close up of the sanded floor

Friday, January 6, 2017

Tiny house living!!

Finally after much run about and nonsense from the bank we signed papers. And got the one and only key to our own tiny house. First step off to the hardware store to buy new locks.
  Nothing like moving out right on the wire. My uncle comes back from overseas tomorrow. We still have most of our things in the big storage unit, not sure what day they will be moved. Until then we have the basics.

120 year old. 720 square foot house 

For the next few days R is working on removing all the carpet from each room there was carpet in the kitchen and bathroom - yuck! I'm staying away with the in-laws. Small kids are no help to refinish flooring. So far we found beautiful potential wood in the bedrooms. Weird mosaic lenoum in the closet and newer plywood in the kitchen. 
Here are some before pictures.
Our dinning room looking into the living room. The sliver of a window on the left is the front door and the person is standing in front of the kitchen doorway.

Our bedroom. The carpet came up easily leaving black carpet padding. Shown is the large root cellar access door.

Bedroom hardwood flooring under the carpet.

This is the whole kitchen, stove and fridge on the other side. There is also the back door in the kitchen.
Looking into the kitchen across from the counters. The backdoor.
That's all for now. Enjoy. We'll fill it up and then it will all about sorting out our stuff to fit comfortably in our new tiny space. It is 200 square feet smaller then out last apartment. But the root cellar and garage are bonus.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Why write?

Not much positive has been happening lately. I don't want to fill this space with negative. So I'm trying to keep writing because an old saying I heard in college is 'to be a better writer, you have to write regardless if it is anything'. Or something along those lines.

My plan always has been to fill this space with our homestead adventures trials and disappointments. For a while we had a great place to homestead on my parents land in a trailer house in their yard. But our lives clans jobs changed and we moved on. Back to apartments and small urban homestead things. Then a farm of our was in sight and plans were made but denied. So tiny house and small town urban dreams were our next choice. It is still unclear what will happen but again it seems we won't be buying a house. I'm coming to see this. Yet it makes it difficult for me to write when nothing is happening on our homestead front. But I will try to continue to post when I have something interesting.