Thursday, May 31, 2018

Phone blogging

Without a internet connection and a desktop computer blogging has been uninspiring. That being said I have a bunch of things to share with everyone.
First we turned the house upside down to carve out bedroom space for the children. The house hasn't really recovered. Now they have a bedroom with separate beds. Our bedroom is half storage room. Both rooms function and that's the important part.

Other exciting remodeling news to come soon!!
Goal is to finish blogging these exciting updates this weekend. ❤️

Garden picture from early May. Planted tomatoes, broccoli and yellow califower.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Tiny hint of spring.

Winter is still here in Minnesota. But I have a tiny but of Spring in my kitchen window.

Loom for sale, pictures.

I need a place to place a bunch of pictures of a table loom I'm selling. Craigslist is horrible. I unsuccessfully try to sell my fish tank. The only interested parties were scammers. Seriously I'm not sending you my bank information for a $200 item.

Anyway. This is a table look that I used briefly. I don't have time or space for a big project like this. It can make narrow cloth, such as dish cloths or reenactment clothes.

Pictures tell all.

Folded for storage

Friday, February 23, 2018

Bye bye big aquarium

In the tiny house sacrifices have to be made. I love my Aquarium garden the big tank is just in the way. The fishes are just doing okay. I really wanted the gold and black ones to breed. But they just seem to eat. I lost a bunch last month. And the fish just haven't seemed to recover.

Without the tank and stand it would really open up the dinning room. Kids love to play and run. Winter here is long. We got 6+ inches of fluffy snow on Tuesday and now again on Friday.  So the little bit of extra room would be nice.

I've made the decision to sell the tank. I'm not in a super hurry. It's kinda sad. But I know I can always get another tank used when we have more space.
Also I still have the two little tanks. I won't be with out fishes.

Friday, February 9, 2018

New doors

WOW Its been too long since posting. Sorry everyone.

We did a thing! The laundry room has a door! We found a great sale on these door hardware. We just reused the old doors. Eventually, probably before we move new door slabs will be used. I intend to paint the whole room and doors. Trim around the door ways needs attention and we need to figure out door latch hardware for the bathroom. Unfortunately now I need to figure out a new place to hang our coats, since we can't hang them on the doors and still open hem all the way. That or I need to move my large Aquarium. Good thing I don't have to figure it out instantly.

Workin progress

Little helpers

Finally hung and furnished for the time being
I'm very excited to be able to walk into the bathroom without going around the door. The whole room feels so much bigger. Hopefully soon we will get the new laminate flooring and some paint.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Clothing the constant shuffling

I've never been good at organization. My clothes especially. I've always had boxes of out of season or sentimental items. Yesterday I unpacked the last, I hope, box of my clothing. In an effort to eliminate the 'storage' box, I hung, tossed or chopped the stuff. Sentimental t-shirt got chopped up for rags and the picture part was carefully cut for a future quilt top.
Now if doing all my clothes wasn't bad enough I have two kids and a husband. Kids have been easy as I started a 'no keep or save for future kid's rule from birth. I also politely decline most hand-me-downs from family and friends. I just can't deal with sorting or storage. I saved adult size shoe box of A baby clothes and V does have a big tote from my mother of my old dresses. So my rule isn't hard or fast. It is frustrating to feel constantly dealing with everyone clothing. Not to mention towels, sheets and blankets (which I honestly admit we have large numbers)

Anyway I switched dressers with husband and kids. Unfortunately the old kids dresser never lived up to it's usefulness. Leaving a sad husband without. The new closet works great for shirts and pants, but socks and unders need a home., Not to forget our wool base layers we love in the winter.

So far a solution hasn't presented itself. Semi permeant Ikea bags of clothes still decorate the closet. More in number and more sturdy hangers are still needed to get the winter gear (heavy coats, bibs, coveralls and snow pants) out of totes.  Money is tight and I will just have to use what we got. Typically I can come up with something. Maybe the kids dresser will get used after all. Who knows. Back to shuffling!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Closet nearly done!

The closet laundry room is finally functional. I installed the closet rods last week and am in the process of moving our clothes back in. We'll be leaving one high up closet rod in the storage room for winter coats and other less used gear. We are thinking about replacing the wide chunky trim thought out the house. So I didn't put it back into the closet laundry room.
Here is the sneak peek picture. Eventually I'll get a pretty all organized picture but not today.