Friday, June 30, 2017

Closet makeover

We'll be moving the washing machine out of the kitchen soon. Last weekend we emptied the large  closet in the house. This is in fact the only closet in the house.  It had shelves and two odd hanging rods. We even put a dresser in there. But it just wasn't a good use of space. The closet shares a wall with the bathroom, the access panel for the tub and shower.
Now I never expect renovation to be easy, simple or straight forward. This time was no exceptions. We found under two layers of mosaics linoleum and tarpaper and some other paper stuff glued down  tight. Mold and rot in the corner. Not surprised at all. There is suspicious evidence that perhaps maybe the room was at one long time a bathroom. Yikes it would have been small. Oh well we hope to repair the floor, probably replacing the sub floor with new plywood and then put a laminate tile on top. That's the plan. My expert father in law is coming this weekend to give advice. Not sure we'll get it all done. Since we are putting a vent fan in the bathroom and measuring for a front entry way.

So here are the before pictures. Enjoy your weekend!
P.S. we got a new stove!!
Before empty

The special mosaic linoium

Empty and where we left off to get advice.

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