Tuesday, May 2, 2017

New Aquarium Fish

I'm addicted to my aquarium hobby. R even told me he really seriously enjoys my tanks in the house. Likes looking at them. And he told me he doesn't mind helping me build parts and pieces to go with the tanks. Even said someday he wants an aquaponic system to raise peppermint and bluegills fish. Tea and supper.

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go to an event held by the Minnesota Aquarium Society in Bloomington MN. I took my youngest daughter and an old friend. A real treat to leave our big kids at home with dads.
It was the Society annual auction. All sorts of things dealing with the hobby. Tanks, fish, equipment, aquatic plants. Everything you could want or dream about. The event was free, held in a large church gym. Very clean and well run. I was having so much fun bidding and general entranced by all the activities I didn't take any pictures.

However I did pick up some very neat cat fish. Corydoras variety called "Sterbi" I've been drooling over pictures on the internet. They are just neat looking both spotted and striped, with orange fins. Corydoras can certainly very shy fish. My new ones are in a quarantine tank for a few weeks before putting them in my big tank. It is fun because in the smaller space I can see them much better.

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