Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tiny house projects

Here at the small house most of us have been ill. A viral crud has gone round and round. I haven't felt much like doing anything. March weather hasn't helped, most of the days are gray cheerless. But a few projects have gotten done here and there.

Library corner of the living room got organized. 
 The kitchen got a couple much needed additions. First R turned a tall odd cupboard that the prior renter used for trash can and broom holder into a much need pantry space. He measured and cut me shelves. Specific to the height of Mason jars and a tall space on the bottom to house my big pressure canner.

Beginning. This is located between the fridge and back door.

The new pantry! With room for my canner on the bottom. 
 I'm very happy to have this pantry. I try to meal plan for two or three weeks, a whole month is my goal. So having a stocked pantry is key. Also I can can garden produce this year. Last couple years I haven't done very much canning due to lack of space and moving. This year we'll pay for our CSA produce share and try our own garden. Either way I should have lots of veggies to can.

The microwave got its own shelf! With extra room to store cookbooks. This allows for more counter space for meal prep. I'll try and get a whole kitchen picture next time it is cleaned.
Now on to the living room. R put up the two shelves in the corner above my desk, printer specifically. But I needed more shelves for books as the library corner is full. Little A is growing up fast loving to read. Both R and I want to dig out our favorite childhood books. More space, more shelves.

After poking around outside I was happy to discover the renter didn't take all the perennials. When we bought the place it was written in the contract that none of the perennials would be included. Yep the renter dug them up in November and took them with. All the flower beds around the house are dug up and empty. Looks dreary now come spring I'll fill them. BUT I found some she missed or left. They are in a big bed in the middle of the side yard.  Too early to tell what they are. Our plan is to expand that area into a extra large garden.

That's all I got for now. Happy spring everyone. 


Audra Russell said...

I got stuck for about five minutes just staring at the books. beautiful! Congrats on all that you got done and I hope everyone is feeling better!

Camille Wienhold said...

Thanks. I love looking at the neat organized bookshelves too.