Friday, February 3, 2017

Tiny House Laundry - Winter

Laundry here is a tish problematic. Before we moved in the renter had a full size washer in the kitchen and a full size electric dryer in what we use a a bedroom. Renter used the room as storage and for the dryer. The house didn't come with the appliances. We are used to apartments have a medium sized apartment washer and wooden dryer racks. I'd hoped for a full size washer but it's too much to justify when our apartment sized one works.
The tiny house came with a extra large outdoor clothing line. So this is how I dry clothes. After washing I sort quickly into outside freeze drying clothing and inside hang dry. Undies and kids clothes get hung inside. It is important to hang the outside clothing neatly. So as I pull it out of the washer I untwist any half inside out clothing and lay it neatly in my laundry bag- aka an Ikea bag.  This way there is less fumbling with cold fingers outside. When hanging out side in winter make sure the laundry doesn't touch. Summer you can skimp on cloths pins, not in winter. The little fold where the close pin holds the laundry won't dry. It will be a tish frozen when you bring it inside. The clothing tends to start freezing right away it's cold outside. Im always hurry to keep my fingers warm. Once the clothing freezes it is stiff and won't blow around. I watch for when it less stiff and wiggling on the line in the wind. That is how I know it is dry. When I bring it inside I let it sit for a bit to warm up. That's when I know for sure if it is completely dry or sometimes there is a damp spot usually a wrinkle - then it gets hung up inside.
I could hang everything inside on my wood racks but the tiny house doesn't have any vent fans. A summer project for bathroom and kitchen. So we try to avoid extra humidity build up to avoid mold.

Now for pictures of what I'm talking about.
Walking back to the house. Big clothes line

Wooden clothing rack and our little washer machine in the kitchen
A whole two loads from my little washer. And there is TONS more room on the clothing line.

My awanti brand fully automatic apartment sized washer machine. I love this thing. We have previously hooked it up to the bathroom sink and drained into the tub. But here at the tiny house it is fully plumbed.

Hanging kids stuff and undies. I love love love these hanging racks for little stuff especially socks. R just installed the ceiling hooks near the furnace for quicker drying.
On a final note. I really wanted this post to be all concise and how to ish to the point of not getting anything written. So it is wordy and longish. But it is written. And that is my goal to write. Eventually maybe I'll get refined and how to ish. Just not today.

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